What is reporting in zendesk?

Zendesk reporting gives you insight into how Zendesk Support is performing. It provides data about your ticket volume and management. It also enables you to compare key ticket metrics within Zendesk Support, and with your peers.

The Reporting Overview is not updated in real-time. Except for Satisfaction data, which is updated daily, the data in the Reporting Overview is updated hourly. The Reporting Overview displays data in the timezone settings configured in the user’s profile.

Reporting in Explore

Zendesk Explore is a reporting tool that’s designed to help you analyze, understand, and share your business information. Explore provides powerful, built-in reports that help you to view and analyze key information about your customers, and your support resources. When you need reports that are tailored to your unique needs, you can use the tools in Explore Professional to build your own reports.

Once your report is ready, Explore helps you to share and collaborate on it with others. Reports can be shared on a one-time, or recurring basis to anyone in your organization.

What are we gonna do with Explore for you?

We develop the best reporting in the world for you. You just need to tell your requirements and the report will be ready within minutes or hours if the requirement will be too complex.

We always try to create as much as simple reports, easy to understand for non-technical too of very complex problems.
We have developed reports on Zendesk Explore for many clients who are managing very large and complex businesses.


The pre-built best practice dashboards enable organizations to measure agent performance or agents, teams, and service organizations. Explore give you tools to drill into each interaction, follow up with customers, agents, and managers, and automate the sharing of insights with the rest of your company through a single, easy to access interface. we Use pre-built dashboards and reports. Get metrics relevant to your Zendesk immediately with pre-built reports and dashboards.


We create our own reports and publish reports to a configurable dashboard. We create reports using custom metrics and various attributes.
Explore is built on a data model that represents all the data sent from your Zendesk Support to the Explore dashboard. All of the objects in the data model represent pieces of data that we can use to build custom reports.


If we are creating Explore reports that do not include pre-made elements, we might need to build a custom metric. we create custom metrics using MAQL (Multi-Dimension Analytical Query Language) in Explore Advanced Metric Editor.


Keep reports up-to-date with regular data exports: Your Zendesk Support ticket data is exported daily to sync your Explore project with the current state of your Zendesk. Ticket data is exported daily on Professional and hourly on Enterprise. We can schedule an email to regularly send a PDF version of an Explore dashboard

We have zendesk experts who have created complex reports using Explore in zendesk. If you have any requirement for any specific report, then you are on the right place. Spent some time here and lets us know your requirements and we will be contacting you soon with the solution.