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Flimsy is a fully responsive multipurpose Zendesk Help Center (Guide) theme. The theme is a perfect balance between style and performance. All the elements of the help center are arranged in a way that keeps navigation super easy. The home page has a side panel where you can easily navigate to the categories, sections, and articles of your choice. The side panel list down all the categories in your help center. It follows the latest trends in web design and features a brand new layout.

The theme comes with a large parallax image at the back of a floating search box at the center left of it all. It has a stunning full-screen layout with beautiful blocks and interactive design elements, which generate an airy and elegant feeling to the help center. It follows latest trends in web design and features a brand new layout with a long list of features.

Fully responsive – Our responsive themes for Zendesk Help Center are designed for all kinds of devices and all major browsers. Your customers will be able to use your Help Center on any device either on a large desktop or on a small smartphone. We ensure that the themes are cross-browser and cross-device compatible.

Multipurpose – The theme is feasible for any business or company. We can also update it with your branding style.

An Extensively Custom Sidebar – This theme has a custom navigation sidebar that enables the help center to be easy to use.

Custom Block Icons – Custom blocks are static links to any pages on your help center or your main website. It’s possible to change the link, icon, title, and description in each of them. You can hide a specific block or all of them in the theme settings and add more through customization. This theme is somewhat configurable from the admin settings UI. You can look at the screenshots of the admin settings UI. If any bugs occur you get your problem fixed free of charge within 3 months after the purchase. You can contact us at any time after the theme purchase through ‘Email’ and get assistance.

Note:- There is a maximum of six custom blocks in the theme. The custom block on number two is reserved for the FAQ section. You can put the link to your FAQ section on it. We designed the section in such a way that the FAQ section will look different from other sections. In the FAQ section, all the listed articles are in form of an accordion so that your clients will be able to see the maximum of articles with their bodies.

Please take the demo once to try and understand this awesome feature.

This theme includes the following settings in the theme UI customization admin area:

Translation You can turn the translation option check to use dynamic content translations.

Colors (brand color, brand text color, background color, text color, link color).

Fonts (select from a list of font families Zendesk Theming provides). You can use custom web fonts (Google fonts or on your own) for this you have to buy our Developer Edition theme because you need to have code access to use fonts.

Brand You can add your company logo and can also add a favicon for your theme.

Images Add main Hero background image for desktop and also for the mobile and Tablet.

Home Hero Elements You can change the text on the home page according to your business.

  1. Hero Title Write your own main heading to be displayed over the Main Hero background and also enable and disable it.
  2. Hero contact label Enable/Disable the panel on the bottom of the search bar. This panel have three table and three links and is designed in such a way so that you can put your contact information in it. You can also use it for other purposes.

Home custom blocks are the elements displayed in the Help Center. This theme has a maximum of six custom blocks.

  1. Show/ Hide Custom Blocks – you can enable/disable a set of icons on the homepage that can be used to link with anything (article, category, section, a page on your website, any page on the internet).
  2. Custom Block Logo you can add your own image to display on the Custom Blocks.
  3. Block Heading Write the heading for your custom blocks.
  4. Custom Block URL you can insert a URL on your custom blocks.

Announcements section at the bottom of the home page has the space where you can put the latest updates/announcements from your website. You can put the name of the articles with links on the website. The theme allows you to use a maximum of Nine custom text fields. 1. Show/ Hide Custom Links – you can enable/disable the text fields that can be used to link with articles on your website, any page on the internet. 2. Text field Heading Write the heading for your text field. 3. Custom text field URL you can insert a URL on your custom text field.

Social Media Links You can put the links of your social media handle on the footer. This theme allows a maximum of five links to any social media handle.

Search Settings Enable or Disable Instant Search, Scoped search in the knowledge base, and scoped search in community.

Home Page Elements You can enable or disable recent activities to be shown on your home page.

Article Page Elements You can enable or disable article page elements:- Show sidebar of the article in section page, Show author image, and name, show comments on articles, user can follow a specific article, show recently viewed articles, show related articles, and social media sharing on articles.

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Flimsy - Flimsy Zendesk Theme
  • Responsive design
  • Modern browsers compatible
  • Add-on for all Zendesk support plans
  • Guide plans: Pro, Legacy, Enterprise
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Last Update: January 10, 2024
Relased: April 13, 2022
Color Blue
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