Zendesk Themes : Capture your brand and give your Help Center a fresh new look

We have made ready to use and feature rich themes for your zendesk Guide (help center). Every zendesk theme provides different experience which are suitable for different kind of organizations. Our Zendesk themes are responsive and work well across all devices. If you have your own custom design or want to have custom unique design for your corporate brand identity then our team of highly skilled designers will design and implement that for you.


Nalanda Zendesk Theme

  • $349.00


Sportpot Zendesk Theme

  • $349.00


Sportpot Zendesk Theme

  • $249.00


Sportpot Zendesk Theme

  • $349.00


Leh Zendesk Theme

  • $449.00


Ridge Zendesk Theme

  • $449.00


Marina Zendesk Theme

  • $349.00


Cognizance Zendesk Theme

  • $599.00


Risen Zendesk Theme

  • $389.00


Havelock Zendesk Theme

  • $129.00


Affinity Zendesk Theme

  • $299.00

Black Panther

Black Panther Zendesk Theme

  • $349.00


Flimsy Zendesk Theme

  • $499.00


Zendesk Theme

  • $399.00


Zendesk Theme

  • $349.00

Zendesk Guide Themes

The guide comes with a standard Zendesk theme for your help center that you may tweak to fit your needs. Additionally, in the Zendesk Marketplace, you can purchase new Zendesk themes created by Helpdeskshop or download updates to the themes that you’ve already purchased.

When you buy a theme from Zendesk Marketplace, you can choose between a standard and a developer license. You can use the purchased theme across all help centers within the Zendesk account that purchased the Zendesk themes, regardless of the license you purchase.

Opening the themes marketplace

Once you open the themes marketplace, you’ll be able to browse and install themes or start a trial of a theme.

To open the themes marketplace

  1. In Guide Admin, click the Customize design icon () in the sidebar.

    The Themes page opens and shows you your current live theme, and any themes you’ve added to your themes library.

  2. Click Add a theme, then select Add Marketplace theme.

The Help Center Themes page loads in your web browser.

Adding a new theme

Overview: Things you need to know

From the themes marketplace, you can browse for, and install trials for the themes of your choice.

Consider the following when trialing and purchasing themes:

  • Zendesk does not provide support for themes from the marketplace. You Contact the theme developer with any issues.
  • Themes might be available with both standard and developer licenses. Purchase the developer license if you want to customize the theme.
  • You can trial standard themes for 14 days within your account. A trial enables you to preview changes in your account. However, you can’t change the theme code and you can’t make it your live theme until you purchase it. Once the trial expires, that theme is automatically locked from the account until it’s purchased.
  • Free themes don’t have a trial version.

From the marketplace

  1. In the themes marketplace, click the theme you want, then click View theme.
  2. Alternatively, to reach the themes marketplace, from the Guide Themes page, click Add theme > Add Marketplace theme.
  3. On the theme page, review the requirements for the theme, then choose one of the following options:
    • View demo: See a preview of how the theme will look.
    • Start 14-day trial: Add the theme to your library and trial it for 14 days. Before you can buy the theme you must start a theme trial, but you can buy the theme at any point during or after your trial.
    • After you select to start a trial, on the theme installation page, choose the subdomain where you want to test the theme, then click Install.
    1. The theme trial will now be available in the Theme Library section of the Guide Themes page.

    Adding Helpdeskshop Theme 

    You can import a zip archive of a help center theme, containing templates, JavaScript, CSS, and assets. You can have a maximum of 10 themes in total in the Guide.

    1. In Guide, click the Customize design icon () in the sidebar.

      The Themes page opens.

    2. Click Add theme in the upper-right corner.
    3. Click Import theme.
    4. Find and select your theme.

      Your themes should be in a compressed file.

      The theme is imported and appears on your Themes page.